The Amazing Story of how a Tribute Band got to meet and play with their Heroes!

It was December 8th 2007 when we got the call. Rod had heard Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams were playing a huge street party in front of the Irish Rover with Scotti Hill of Skid Row on Guitar, in Sarasota. A very good friend of ours named Caroline from one of our favorite rock bars to play, the Five O’Clock Club, arranged for us to be side stage and meet our heroes! Rod went down there and got to meet Cliff and somehow arranged for us to get on stage!

So Martyn  and our Rich (Maximum Bands) hopped in the car and tore down 75 South to make it there in time. Luckily we pulled up to hear Brian screaming Back in Black like it was 1980 all over again! He sounded amazing! We rushed to the side stage and saw many friends and Brenda Brian’s Wife and Caroline. It was packed!

Brian came off stage, Rod was already ready to go Gretsch in hand. Brian motioned for Martyn to come up, and introduced the boys as the “local AC/DC Band” and Martyn being the gracious fellow he is thought it was just to introduce him and almost left the stage!

Brian said “now you have to sing your signature song”  Martyn looked stunned as Brian motioned for him to take the mic and lead the show ..What a moment.

Brian went sidestage and let Martyn lead the band with a killer version of Highway To Hell. The look on Brian’s face said it all as the leather lunged banshee Martyn ripped into the song singing like a young Brian Johnson. Rod jammed along side Cliff Williams and it was just a dream come true for all.

Brian came out towards the end and sang along with Martyn and the 2 seemed like old Mates.

At the end Brian and Cliff said very nice complimentary things to the boys, Cliff telling Martyn it was a great vocal and Brian saying Martyn sounds like him 20 years ago! They are 2 of the most gracious people you will ever meet, and it’s a memory that will last a lifetime.

We got to hang with Scotti Hill from Skid Row a bit too, and he is pure rock and roll to the hilt! We want to thank Caroline from the Five O’Clock Club for making this happen, Brenda Johnson for always being so cool to us and coming to shows when she can, and thank you again so much to Brian and Cliff for the experience of a lifetime!